Travel Information

Würzburg is located in the heart of Europe, an 80 minute direct train ride away from Frankfurt airport, with direct flights to all major airports in Europe, the US and Asia. Further nearby airports are Nürnberg and Munich.

The conference will take place in the Congress Centrum Würzburg. It is close to the city center and to the main railway station Würzburg Hbf (800 m, about 15 min walking distance or 3 stations using the tram STR2 to Zellerau – stop “Congress-Centrum”). The DB Navigator APP is a very useful and reliable tool to plan train and public transport for the journey. In Würzburg cabs are available for example via +49093119400 or +4993142004.

Würzburg is a historic city with the main attractions “Residenz”, a UNESCO world heritage site, and “Festung Marienberg”, a cultural landmark fortressing over the city center. The city is surrounded by vineyards where local wine makers grow the grapes for the famous Franconian white wines.

The Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg was founded in 1402 and is the oldest University in Bavaria. It has hosted many famous scientists with the most prominent example being Konrad Röntgen who discovered x-rays in 1895 at the Institute of Physics in Würzburg. Already in 1901, this discovery was honored with the first Nobel Prize in Physics. The actual place of discovery can be visited as a small memorial site, which was set up by preserving his original lab and is open to visitors. It is a 5 min walk from the conference venue (more information available at

As the University is the biggest employer in the city, it and especially it´s students shape the character of the city. Due to this it is a culturally rich and livable city with diverse leisure opportunities to be discovered.

Further information is available on the official website of the city of Würzburg

City map of Würzburg