Main Topics


Material-based inks
    • Hydrogels
    • New concepts
    • Theory and modelling
Cell-based inks
    • Generation and characterization of cell-based inks for extrusion
    • Generation and characterization of cell-based building blocks
    • Spheroids and organoids in biofabrication

Evaluation, characterization, & quality control for biofabrication

    • Material characterization
    • Biological evaluation and characterization during and after printing
    • Non-invasive monitoring methods
    • Process control

Biofabrication from the perspective of industrial applications

    • Printers and assembly methods
    • Software and process control
    • Print file databases
    • Bioinks and materials
    • Commercialization and translation of fabricated products / tissues / organs

Interaction of other research fields with biofabrication

    • 3D cell culture
    • Tissue engineering approaches compatible with biofabrication
    • Injectable material platforms

Fabrication technologies

    • Bioprinting
    • Bioassembly
    • Stereolithography
    • Laser based technologies
    • Electrohydrodynamic printing
    • Melt electrowriting

On-Chip applications

    • Tissue / organ / body on a chip

Biofabricated tissues and organs

    • Multimaterial / multicellular fabrication
    • Maturation: 3D cell culture, bioreactor systems
    • Functional biological assessment
    • Biofabricated in vitro test platforms

In vivo assessment and translation of biofabrication

    • In vivo testing and assessment of biofabricated models, tissues and organs
    • Translation of biofabrication to the clinic

Confirmed speakers

Prof. Dr. Matthias Lutolf

Tailoring Materials for Organoid Culture.


Prof. Dr. Jason Burdick

Designing Bioinks for Bioprinting.


Prof. Dr. Brian Derby

Biofabrication: an introduction and overview of the field.


Prof. Dr. Fiona Wood

Spray on skin – a successful example for translation into clinics.


Prof. Dr. Ir. Jos Malda

Osteochondral Bioprinting.


Prof. Dr. Wojciech Święszkowski

In-vitro and in-vivo Evaluation of Bioprinting.


Prof. Dr. Paul Gatenholm

3D Bioprinting with Stem Cells. Translation to Clinic.


Prof. Dr. James Yoo

Translational Biofabrication.


Prof. Dr. Koichi Nakayama

Bioassembly of cell spheroids: moving towards the clinic.


Prof. Dr. Vladimir Mironov

Cell spheroids as building blocks for organ printing.


Prof. Dr. Monica Laronda

3D printed functional ovary for oncofertility.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Michiya Matsusaki

Cell-aggregation for biofabrication of tissue models.


Prof. Dr. Heungsoo Shin

Cell-aggregation for biofabrication of tissue models.


Prof. Dr. Tim Woodfield

Convergence of Additive Manufacturing and Spheroid Assembly.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sarah Heilshorn

Tailored physical hydrogel bioinks.