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Session 11:

O-101 Inkjet Printing of Microvascular Networks, Fei Zheng (replacing O-39)

Session 12:

O-102: Multi-Nozzle Industrial Inkjet toward high-throughput Bioprinting for 3D Tissue Engineering, Raphaël Wenger (replacing O-46)

Session 18:

O-103: Fabrication of Acellular Biodegradable Small-Diameter Vascular Graft, Lei Zhang (replacing O-67)

Session 21:

O-104 3D Bio-printing Method for geometry-controllable film as artificial biosynthetic cornea, Qian Xue (replacing O75)

Session 23:

O1-100 Novel Gelatin Methacrylate-Hyaluronic Acid-Chondroitin Sulfate and Polycaprolactone Composites for Meniscus Regeneration, Caroline Collins (replacing O-81)

Session 24:

O-105 Bioprinting of Cartilage Tissue with an Advanced Enzymatically Crosslinkable Bioink, Philipp Fisch (replacing O-87)

Session 25:

0-106 Tunable Melanogenesis in Biopolymer Materials Enabled by Self-Assembling Monolayers , Jan Van Zak (replacing 0-95) Download here.