About Würzburg

Würzburg is located in the heart of Europe, an 80 minute direct train ride away from Frankfurt airport, with direct flights to all major airports in Europe, the US and Asia. Further nearby airports are Nürnberg and Munich.

The conference will take place in the Congress Centrum Würzburg. It is close to the city center and to the main railway station Würzburg Hbf (800 m, about 15 min walking distance or 3 stations using the tram STR2 to Zellerau – stop “Congress-Centrum”). The DB Navigator APP is a very useful and reliable tool to plan train and public transport for the journey. In Würzburg cabs are available for example via +49093119400 or +4993142004.

Würzburg is a historic city with the main attractions “Residenz”, a UNESCO world heritage site, and “Festung Marienberg”, a cultural landmark fortressing over the city center. The city is surrounded by vineyards where local wine makers grow the grapes for the famous Franconian white wines.

The Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg was founded in 1402 and is the oldest University in Bavaria. It has hosted many famous scientists with the most prominent example being Konrad Röntgen who discovered x-rays in 1895 at the Institute of Physics in Würzburg. Already in 1901, this discovery was honored with the first Nobel Prize in Physics. The actual place of discovery can be visited as a small memorial site, which was set up by preserving his original lab and is open to visitors. It is a 5 min walk from the conference venue (more information available at wilhelmconradroentgen.de/en/home).

As the University is the biggest employer in the city, it and especially it´s students shape the character of the city. Due to this it is a culturally rich and livable city with diverse leisure opportunities to be discovered.

Further information is available on the official website of the city of Würzburg

City map of Würzburg

Conference Venue

The conference will take place in the Congress Centrum Würzburg. It is in the city center and offers a perfect location for events. Interested visitors can have a virtual tour around the location.

The industry exhibition will be in the Franconia Foyer, the plenary sessions will take place in the Franconia-Saal, and the sessions will be mainly hosted in the rooms 11-13 at the Panorama-Level.

Venue access map (English)Venue access map (Deutsch)

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will be located in the “Staatlicher Hofkeller Würzburg” which is underneath the UNESCO world heritage site “Residenz”. This cellar is one of the most spectacular places in Würzburg and a unique location for the banquet. After a champaign reception in the Residenz itself the guests will be dining between wooden casks.

The cellar is illuminated by candle light and has a constant temperature between 15 and 18°C. The Stattlicher Hofkeller Würzburg has 4557 square meters in total and approximately 600 000 liters of wine are stored in it. Of course there will also be the option for a wine tasting and a tour through the cellar.


A limited number of rooms are reserved for conference participants. They can be booked using this link: ACCOMMODATION

Please consider that reservations are limited and will be available until 15/09/2018 only. After that date the link will still be active but will direct to the general booking website.

Travel Information

From Frankfurt to the meeting:

For flight arrivals at Frankfurt airport there is a direct ICE train connection to Wuerzburg main station. If you land at Terminal 2, please pick up your luggage and use the Skyline Transfer Service to Terminal 1 (departing every 2 – 3 minutes). You will arrive at Terminal 1 on the level that the long distance trains depart from (level 2 departures). Please follow the signs to the long distance train station, about a 600 m walk. If you arrive in Terminal 1, after luggage pick-up you will be in the lower level (arrivals). Here are signs to railway that lead to the regional train station which will not directly bring you to Würzburg. For the long distance train station, you have to move two levels up to the upper departure level (automatic stairs and elevators are available). Here please follow the signs to the long distance train station, again about a 600 m walk. Please find maps of the airport below.

Map of Frankfurt airport

The DB Navigator APP is a very useful and reliable tool to plan train and public transport for the journey from Frankfurt Airport to Würzburg. The train ride will take about 1 h and 20 min.

In Wuerzburg:

After arriving at Würzburg main station, the venue and the hotels are all in the city center and in walking distance.

City map of Würzburg

Things to do in Würzburg

It’s a special mix of culture and ambiance, of world heritage and wine festivals, and of sciences and social atmosphere, surrounded by stunning historical architecture, that creates this unique city. Our recommendation: quaint restaurants and traditional wine taverns offering local fare. And don’t forget that this is one of the best wine-growing areas in Germany, so don’t miss the opportunity to sample a local wine from a Bocksbeutel bottle.

Some recommendations for possible activities in Würzburg:

  • Visit the “Röntgen-Museum”, the place where X-rays were discovered in 1895, which is only 5 min walking distance away from the venue Read more.
  • Take a glass of wine on the old bridge Read More.
  • Visit the baroque Residence of the archbishop (UNESCO world culture heritage site) with the famous fresco in the staircase Read more.
  • Take a walk up the hill to either the Fortress Marienberg Read more.
  • or to the Käppele, an old Monastery Read more.

More detailed info where to go in Würzburg can be found here.

Take a first glance and visit the market place via webcam here.