Abstract submission

Abstract template

Download the abstract template HERE

Please indicate your preferred presentation format (oral or poster presentation) in the mail you send to abstracts.biofabrication2018@mes-berlin.com.

Guidelines for Oral & Poster Presentation


Plenary talks: Presentation time: 40 min and 5 min discussion
Keynote talks: Presentation time 25 min and 5 min discussion
Special session “Biofabrication in Germany”: 12 min and 3 min discussion

Other Oral presentations: 12 min and 3 min discussion

Young Scientists Chapter – Scientific Session:
Keynote: 25 min and 5 min discussion
Oral presentations: 8 min and 2 min discussion


Technical information for Poster Presentations
Size of the poster should not be larger than A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm) upright format

Poster can be mounted from Monday morning, 8:00, and will be hanging throughout the conference. Presenters are asked to remove their posters latest by Wednesday, Oct. 31st, at 15:00.

Technical information for Oral Presentations

Speakers Center – Media Acceptance
The media reception is located in the Speakers Center in the first floor.
Windows 10 and MS Office laptops are available to review, edit, and deliver presentations. Please submit your presentation at least 2 hours before the start of the session. It is not intended to use own notebooks for the presentation in the hall. The following media are accepted: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Windows 10 compatible USB memory sticks or hard disks.

Presentation format
Please create your presentation in 16: 9 format. Other formats cannot be optimally presented on the screens of the venue!

To design your presentation in 16: 9 format, proceed as follows:
In Powerpoint, click on the “Design” tab in the top bar, then on the very left on “Page Setup”. Now a window opens. Under “Paper Size,” choose “Slide Show (16: 9)”, and then click “Okay.”

Presentation software
Microsoft PowerPoint (up to MS Office 2016) and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Apple Keynote presentations are not possible!

If you use fonts that are not provided on standard installations of Windows 10 or MS Office 2016, they should be saved as embedded fonts in the final version of your presentation. Please note that then the presentation on the media acceptance laptops cannot be changed anymore.

Allowed video formats
Standards (e.g., * .wmv, * .mpg, * .avi) that can be played on a standard MS Windows PC using MS Windows Media Player. In addition, DivX, MOV and MPEG-4 can be played.
Movies built into Powerpoint should be saved as an external file in the same directory as the Powerpoint file. Please make sure that your films were created using standard Windows codecs.

Please note that there is no internet connection available at the time of the presentation.